Coach Spencer Runs in the Woods

Coach Spencer Runs in the Woods

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Woolly Worm 10 Miler

Avery High School (Newland, NC) track to Lees-McRae (Banner Elk) track. 42 degrees at start.
2 miles downhill. 5 miles up a mountain. 2 miles down a mountain. 1 downhill-to-flat mile.
Kept my HR reasonable going up, but didn't feel like I was sandbagging. Not knowing the course, I had no idea if the first climb was 1/4 mile, 1 mile... had no idea it would be 5 miles! As I kept going up, I wondered if it would continue to climb all the way to Banner Elk. Was VERY happy to see it go back down when i did. I flew going down the last 3 miles & worked as hard as I could the whole race. Average HR for the race was 166 bpm. Felt good to give everything I had. Leaves & views were great. 720ft. of climbing in those 5 miles. Highest elevation was 4400 ft. Tough race! Legs killed me the rest of the day. 1:16:30- 7:38/mile if that means anything given the terrain.

Wren liked Woolly Worm Festival. Good weekend.

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