Coach Spencer Runs in the Woods

Coach Spencer Runs in the Woods

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Carrboro 50K+

Who knew Chapel Hill was really hilly??

I ran the 50K (really about 32 miles give or take) organized by the Trailheads group. Not really a race. More like a supported training run. There were around 50 people running, but only 7-8 running all 50K. The course was at the University North trails and was a figure 8 loop you did 3 times. It started and stopped at Seawell Elementary School, which was midpoint in the figure 8, so you got to the aid station every 5 miles or so. Aid station was well stocked & "race" director Amy did a great job! For a free race, I was surprised to be given a Nathan Trail Mix hydration belt for finishing! ...not to mention Luna bars, Clif Blocks, Hammer Gels, etc. along the way. There was great vegetarian bean soup at the end too!

But seriously, this course was tough!! There were endless switchbacks- 1:00 up the hill, tight turn at the top & then back down the hill. Repeat. Repeat... I was amazed that there was nearly 3500' of elevation gain/loss in the eastern Piedmont. More than Holiday Lake, FATS, and many of the mountainous Appalachian Trail runs I've done. All of it was moderately rocky & rooty singletrack.

I've had some very long training runs this month & I wasn't fully recovered from last week's. I also ran two 10 mile runs this week. I didn't decide to run the Carrboro 50K until a few days ago and had no intention of it being more than a training run. Most of my long training runs lately have included the walking I plan to use for the 100 next month. I planned on taking it easy early today & finishing strong. I've been able to do that in most of my long runs lately. I got in with a group of guys that were running just a tad faster than I wanted to- but more importantly didn't walk or slow down a step the first 10.5 mile loop. I knew I should've slowed down and run my own "race," but I didn't. I told myself I'd sandbag the 2nd loop and finish strong the last one. I was about 1:53, 1:57, 2:14. Really not how I wanted to run today.

I felt decent though. Had a bad knee problem the last 20 miles of last week's long run & today, it was a little sore on downhills after 12 miles, but never got worse. Hamstring hurt more and was bad on the way home & now. Doesn't really hurt to walk, but sitting is painful.

I was fatigued and all week, had a little shortness of breath during my runs. Haven't slept well all week. No complaints though. It was a good time and a good way to get my last long run in before Rocky Raccoon. I'll do two 2-3 hour night runs, but that's it. More for the night experience, rather than the mileage. I feel pretty confident. Hope I'm not being too cocky, but I'm ready to go!

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy the tapering! You've been doing some long running.