Coach Spencer Runs in the Woods

Coach Spencer Runs in the Woods

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Good Hiker

Wren prides herself on being a good hiker. "The best in the world." We went to Crowders Mountain yesterday and climbed Kings Pinnacle. It's a 3.5 mile hike roundtrip and is listed as "strenuous." The Pinnacle Trail goes steadily up for about .75 mile, gets a little rolling for about .4 and then really turns upward to the summit. Wren did a great job and said she liked it better when it got steep. She loved jumping from rock to rock on the trail. It's a pretty rocky trail. Several people on the trail commented how well she did & that they were getting shown up by a 5 year old.

I hiked up with the family & then ran back down and up and down Crowders Mountain. It was my first hour long run in a month. Still coughing a lot when I run, but I'm a lot better. Today will be the 9th day I've run in a row. Mostly just 5-6 milers though.


Tim said...

Nice pictures. She's right. She is a good hiker. 3.5 miles is a long way especially when it's got a big climb. It's good to hear you're back to running.

Anonymous said...

Too cute!

K9 Command, Inc. said...

Do you know what the route is for the Crowders Mtn 30k? Planning a long run their soon to get a feel before the run in 2010.

Coach Spencer said...

I don't. I've never run the race there.