Coach Spencer Runs in the Woods

Coach Spencer Runs in the Woods

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Snow Slush Mud. Greensboro Watershed Trails

Ran a pretty brisk 7 miles at 11 AM at practice today and then got in the car and drove to Greensboro to run with Hannah. We ran 11 miles on the Greensboro Watershed Trails around Lake Brandt. These trails are pretty flat and normally not that technical. Some roots, but nothing too tricky. The Owl's Roost section is the toughest, but not bad- just a lot of short, steep bumps. I forgot that they got a few inches of snow in Greensboro the other day when we got an inch of 34 degree rain (I swear the ground has been mush since before Thanksgiving!). What we ran through was an inch of snow on top of three inches of mud. Squish, squish, slide. Squish, squish, slide. Had a lot of fun and it was good seeing Hannah, but what would've normally been a pretty quick run turned into 2 hours of slogging through the muck. Made it a difficult run.

Got to go to my favorite restaurant in the world with Mr. John Rash too. Binh Minh Vietnamese Restaurant. v5 with tofu and extra vegetables. Yum.


Anonymous said...

Yuck. That sounds like awful conditions. I've been stalking your blog for the past year and have run some of the places in North Carolina upon your suggestion. I'll have to go out to these Greensboro trails the next time I'm in town for work. I normally go out to Hagan-Stone Park for a run. Happy Holidays!

Ted said...

Are you still doing the 24 hour race New Years?