Coach Spencer Runs in the Woods

Coach Spencer Runs in the Woods

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Night Running & Feeling Lucky

I had a lot packed into today including some dental work & I couldn't manage to get the run in until late tonight. Ran 90 minutes on my favorite local trails at Anne Springs Close Greenway in Ft. Mill with a headlamp (Probably not supposed to be there at night. Shhh.). New shoes. Light rain. Felt magnificent. I hadn't felt good all day. Felt sick & sleepy. I could've given myself the day off, but I know I ALWAYS feel better after running if I feel lethargic. Tonight was no different.

Injuries always make you love running more. Always give you new perspective & make you appreciate what you have. I haven't run as many days per week as I should lately, but the 4-5 days a week I run are almost always 1-3 hours. I'd like to get the regularity thing down, but life gets in the way. I'd MUCH rather put the longer days in than run 30-40 minutes everyday... and part of that is the endorphins generated on these longer runs. I feel incredibly alive. I smile. I think. I don't want the run to end. I feel lucky to be able to do this stuff.

(The Brooks Pure Grits were amazing too!!! I saw a prototype at a Brooks Coaching Camp they sent me to in central Washington about 18 months ago. I was really impressed but never got a pair until today when the original Grits & the Grit 2 arrived at my doorstep. I tried both on... wasn't sure I would like the bigger lugs on the outsole of the original Grits (why I haven't picked any up yet), but that wasn't an issue once they were on my feet. Fit like a glove & felt more nimble than my trusty Cascadias. If I get a couple more good runs in them, I'll wear them for Pilot Mountain Payback Trail Marathon Saturday.)

I stopped in at a convenience store after my run and had to wait in a long line. The 3 people in front of me- none of them together- each bought cigarettes, alcohol & lottery tickets & the people behind me had beer in their hands too. Maybe this sounds judgmental. Maybe it is, but once again, I felt lucky to do what I do. (Note the not so subtle use of the word "lucky" in a paragraph that also mentions lottery tickets. Did you catch that? :)  )

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