Coach Spencer Runs in the Woods

Coach Spencer Runs in the Woods

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

40 Miles at Beech Mountain


Last week, I ran 40 miles at Beech Mountain. I'd say 40% trail, 40% dirt road & 20% road. Even ran up a ski slope. I've been coming to Beech Mountain for 30 years & ran places I've never been, includ
ing the most beautiful spot on the mountain (I think). Unfortunately, my phone/camera had died by then so I couldn't get pictures of the Lower Pond Creek Trail, but the waterfalls & old growth Hemlocks were beautiful, even if that mile section of trail was way too steep, rooty & rocky to run much.

The run, though... so very difficult. There is no flat spot at Beech Mountain at all. An hour into the run, I was tired. Two hours into it I was really tired. Three hours into it, I wanted to stop. A mile from the end, I went up one of the impossibly steep roads, wondering how it could possibly be so steep. I came very close to sitting down in the middle of the road & crying. For the past few miles, I had been moaning and verbalizing my exhaustion. It was a struggle, but I kept pushing it & went super slow (as if there was a choice) and finished up the 40 miles in 8:18. Actually, I'm guessing on both the mileage & time. My phone & GPS watch both died. Time is correct within 2 minutes. Mileage was no less than 38.5. I seriously doubt I underestimated the distance. :)

40 miles was my absolute limit given the terrain. Broke me down but I'm
pleased to have completed it.

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