Coach Spencer Runs in the Woods

Coach Spencer Runs in the Woods

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring Break '08

I've enjoyed the time off. Went to the mountains with the family. Everyone had fun. It snowed an inch and the high was 28 one day. Got in some very difficult runs. Saw a couple of bear tracks yesterday during a 2 hour run far from people. Made me think I should be more prepared for encounters like that. I'm running the Gator Trail 50K Saturday at Lake Waccamaw, near Wilmington, NC. Very flat, but sandy & possibly muddy. Should be fairly fast, but I'm not feeling that fast lately. Only 17 people ran last year. I just decided to run this race at the last minute because a track meet fell through.

Ian & I are officially a 2 person team for what was the 24 hour Relay For Africa, but is now called the Blue Planet Run 24- Black Mountain. It still benefits clean drinking water in developing countries. I'd wanted to run the whole 24 hours, but they changed the date and now it's on the day of our regional track meet. Instead, Ian will run from 10 AM-10 PM and I'll come after the meet & run 10 PM-10 AM. Hoping to get in 65 miles. The 5 mile loop has one incredibly hard mile and a few other decent hills, but also has some nice downhills & flats. We haven't come up with a team name yet, but there's talk of costumes! We'll see.


"Sherpa" John Lacroix said...

Hoping to hop onto the BPR race here in New England once it gets planned.

You should come run one of the Pittsfield Races!

Sherpa J

Coach Spencer said...

Ha! Yeah, crawling through a pipe and then hauling cinder blocks in a wheelbarrow up a mountain sounds awesome! :)

The Vermont 100 is on the radar screen, depending on how my first 100 goes (Rocky Raccoon), but that's the closest I'll get to Pittsfield. :)

Coach Spencer said...


Kim said...

Hi Rick! Thanks for sharing your blog.

I'm heading to Big Sur this Thursday, pretty darn excited actually. Everyone that I respect in the running community (you included) says that it's a race that they think highly of... so that is really motivating. So far looks like we'll get good weather, descent winds - but could be worse.

See you in about a week and a half!