Coach Spencer Runs in the Woods

Coach Spencer Runs in the Woods

Monday, October 6, 2008

Ready for a Tough Weekend (& I Love the Ped Egg!)

So I'm running the New River Trail 50K (31 miles) in VA Saturday, coming home for a few hours & then running the FATS 40 Miler in SC Sunday. Am I ready? Sure. My summer training was very good (300 miles/month in June, July & August), but September was not. I was too busy with meets, directing the marathon, etc. Still, I think I'm good. If I'm injury-free after the 50K and my feet are in good shape, there's no reason I can't do the 40 miler the next day.


...which brings me to my next point- feet. A few weeks ago, I bought the Ped Egg because I heard people on the Ultra list talking about it. It's this infomercial foot grater and it's incredible!!! I got mine at CVS for $9.99 I think. I had bad callouses on my feet and was afraid of blisters forming underneath. 5 minutes with the Ped Egg & they were gone! Marking the course for 6 hours in the rain the other day, I developed a lot of swampy blisters. I didn't take care of them for a week and this past weekend, wondered if I'd be able to do either of the 2 races this weekend. I thought the blisters were too much for the Ped Egg, but after 5 minutes... WOW! Here's the before & after with still a little work to do.

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Sara said...

How was it, Coach? I can't believe you did that! 71 miles in 2 days.