Coach Spencer Runs in the Woods

Coach Spencer Runs in the Woods

Monday, June 22, 2009


I spent most of Father's Day in the hospital. The rib pain from falling last week has migrated and gotten worse. Because it's near my heart & lungs, I thought it best to get it checked out. After 3 hours of tests, the Urgent Care Center said I had a blood clot & rushed me to the Emergency Room. They did more tests, including a CT Scan & said it wasn't a blood clot, but I had Pleural Effusion. When I fell, it crushed the lung a little, causing it to fill with fluid. If it gets worse, they may have to drain it. It could also lead to pneumonia.

Whole lot better than a blood clot. I envisioned having to be hospitalized for days, on medication & unable to run all summer.

So, today, I promised everyone I'd do nothing (one of the perks of a teacher's summer), but I plan on resuming regular running tomorrow if the pain's not bad. Every day has been worse than the next though, until today. Feels much better today.


Jason said...

Geeeez! Glad you decided to get into the doctor. So does this mean you will run your next race with nitrous oxide injected into your lungs?!

Seriously, glad you are ok. Take it easy on the body for a bit. Your wife and kids need you around.

Wendy said...

I see from your training log you've put in some miles this week. How is it going? Be careful!

Coach Spencer said...

Jason- Yes it does. :)

Wendy- The doctor, a triathlete, didn't really give me a definitive answer about running. When I asked her if I could she said, "Yes." When I asked if I needed to take it easy or if I could jump back in, she said, "I guess. Just run how you feel. A mile at a time." I don't know what that means.

Tuesday hurt quite a bit but I got through it. Today, I ran 8 miles & it wasn't bad at all. I fell twice today, but was quick to fall on my knees and hip rather than try to save myself, fail, and end up like Pete Rose on my ribs. My knee bled down to my sock but at least I didn't hurt my chest again!