Coach Spencer Runs in the Woods

Coach Spencer Runs in the Woods

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Complete Idiot

Dropped out of last week's 24 hour race at 74 miles with a messed up foot. Really messed up. Got treatment at Carolina Sports Clinic twice this week. Thursday was the last day and Brad was rough on me. I hobbled for 4 miles later that day. He killed me. The next day, though, COMPLETELY FINE!!! I jumped up & down, ran on it. Perfect!!! I decided I was in for Frosty 50K. GREAT! I had really wanted to run this because I'm running faster than I ever have before and long training runs have been so easy. Fresh, I knew I could go under 4:30 and 4:41 is my PR. Salem Lake, the race venue is an easy, non-technical course.

Ran the first 6 miles with Konrad Gannon and felt really strong. Great to have someone to talk to. If I'm alone, I start questioning myself. Honestly, the first 6 were effortless. Often, it's the first hour that's the worst for me- trying to settle in physically & mentally, but today, I felt great. We hit the first 2 miles in 8:00 pace and then picked it up a bit. We were at 6 miles at 46:00, which means we were running 7:30/mile from 2-6. Felt fantastic all over. Stomach great. Legs & feet great. It was going to be the perfect day for me. Felt fresh, not at all like I came off a 74 mile race last week (even though getting my feet into my shoes was a little difficult b/c they're STILL swollen).

Then all of the sudden, it hit me. My knee kind of locked up. Came from nowhere. I didn't say anything but 1/2 mile later, I had to stop. Made it to around 9 miles, but had to stretch it every 400m. I knew even if it got better a couple of miles down the road, I wasn't going to have the time I was looking for. I dropped out at 9 miles. With my foot hurting so bad, I forgot that I struggled with knee pain for 30-40 miles last week. I'm pretty sure it's my IT Band, as it was hurting up the outside of my upper leg too towards the end.

So embarrassing and disappointing. Seems like I always have an excuse and though I feel like I'm running great right now, I've had back to back disappointments. No doubt in my mind I was running 100 miles last week. I knew when I signed up that the Frosty 50K might not happen after Freedom Park 24 Hour, but thought I'd give it a go. Once I started, there was no way I wasn't going to break 4:30. My PR is 4:41 and I felt so good and so confident that I would do well.

This was supposed to be a prolific 3 week stretch where I'd prove to myself how much this great training was paying off. 24 Hour race, 50K, half marathon. Supposed to do a half marathon in Charleston next weekend. Again, I feel like if my body holds up I can PR, but I don't know if I can take another disappointment if my body doesn't hold up. UGH!

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Mark Connolly said...

Man get some rest and start hitting the foam roller a few times a day.

I had the same pain that stopped me at Hinson at 50. A week or so later I went out for 10 mile slow trail run and six miles in the IT hit like like a knife stabbed me in the leg. I mean out of know where it was a sharp pain. I had to walk and limp three miles down the mountain to the car.

Forget racing for the moment and take care of yourself.