Coach Spencer Runs in the Woods

Coach Spencer Runs in the Woods

Monday, September 27, 2010

92.8 Miles. Hot!

I made it 92.8 miles at the Hinson Lake 24 Hour Run. Official distance will be about 92.2 because I didn't finish the last lap in 24 hours. It got up to 95 degrees. I felt great for about 45 miles and then after that, it was very up & down. For the next 20 miles it was up for 6-8 miles, then a crash. Towards the end it would switch every 30 minutes. Never experienced such shifts. At 85 miles, I'm thinking, "I haven't felt this strong all day! I can run 8:00 miles from here on out!" ...and I WAS! Then 3 miles later, I'm walking for 20 minutes straight. After that, running strong again. Strange.

No big problems at all except chafing all over (I blame the sweat and salt.). Given the conditions, I had a VERY GOOD race. 100 miles would've been nice, but I was mainly out to beat my 90.0 miles from last year.

I think I finished around 12th out of around 250. Ray K said this was the biggest 24 hour race ever in the US. I'll trust his word.

More details later.

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Jason said...

Way to roll at Hinson Coach! Those are some impressive totals for that type of heat. It sounds like you ran smart.