Coach Spencer Runs in the Woods

Coach Spencer Runs in the Woods

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hinson Lake Heat- Then Again

...ugh... I REALLY hate the heat, but these past few weeks have been really hot, yet haven't seemed so bad to me. Granted, I've been running shorter runs, but being out there in the 90s this week hasn't been so bad. Maybe a summer to acclimate, losing some weight, and just being in better shape will work to my benefit.

I've never even thought of taking long breaks. I love a 20 minute break here in there in a 24 hour race, but when I see people get into a tent for extended periods of time, it's never seemed very appealing to me. I'll play it by ear, but it may be necessary to get off my feet, get out of the heat and rehydrate during the middle of the day. I've always been worried that I wouldn't want to start back up after a long break, but if I had the problems I did at the Black Mountain Monster, I may not have much choice but to stop and catch up with hydration. At that race, for about an hour, the only 2 things I thought of were: A) I'm going to end up in a hospital. An IV would be great right about now; B) I wonder if there's a freezing cold movie theater around here.

I'm going to have to be open to adaptation and the idea that taking it easy- or even a long break in the early afternoon might be the only way that I'm able to continue when it gets cooler at night.

We'll see. Bedtime.


Lynne said...

Saw you out there Rick. You passed me a couple times I think. I stopped at 33 miles. The heat was oppressive and I was starting to get fat fingers. Hope you did well.

BTW...have you gotten your Black Monster t-shirt?

Coach Spencer said...

Lynne! You should've said something. This is the 2nd time, I think. I ran 92 and felt pretty good. 33 in the heat is still a tough tough day. NO- no shirt yet. Emailed today.